The phone on her desk rang, after two rings, she picked it up and said – hello. 

“Will you be able to come out at 5 today? I won’t take more than 30-40 minutes” – came a voice from the other side. 

She smiled and said – “yes. Sure, but make sure to be on time as i will be super busy after that.”

The voice at the other end said- done. So we are meeting at 5pm. She said call me once u reach here and we will directly meet at the coffee shop.

She had a broad smile on her face and placed the receiver back, started wrapping up her work as it was already 4:30pm. She went to washroom to see how she was looking and if her already beautiful face needed some touch-up. The phone rang with her fav ringtone – “Hello! I am reaching their in 5 mins.”
She was standing at the entrance of her office and can see his blue shining car parked outside the coffee shop, which was just next to her office. She again managed everything- her phone, purse, clothes, office documents and gave a hand brush to her hairs before entering the coffee shop. Ah! Here he was, wearing a grey trouser, white shirt and his grey coat was lying on his chair’s backrest. She thought how come a man who is so good looking and charming is still in love with her, its been 17 yrs. she has a husband, kids, in laws, family responsibilities and now wrinkles on her face. She went to the table and he hugged her with a compliment – you are looking stunning. He pulled a chair for her and then came back to his chair. She asked while blushing – “I hope I am not late.” “No no, not at all. Even if u would, I love waiting for you”- he replied and hold her hands in his hands. 

The waiter at the coffee shop came to take order. He asked- what would you like to have. She was like- hmmm. He said – “the usual?” She said- “yeah! The usual.” He ordered a cappuccino with chocolate brownie for her and one espresso for himself.

There was not much crowd at the coffee shop as it was not a weekend. They are again in solace to talk to each other and to fall again in love with the same person. He hold her hands again and she said – “you remember this was the place where we met first time and we still prefer the same coffee shop”. He replied- “hmm”. She continued, “so much has been changed within”…. he completed, “these 17 yrs. you and I both have kids, our offices and different set of responsibilities but my love for you is still the same and you are becoming more beautiful with every passing day. I always think, why you took so long to meet me before 17 yrs and where were you before that”. She blushed and pulled her hands from his grip as waiter was standing to serve. They started sipping their coffees. She asked-“so whom you love more- me or your kids?” He replied – “I am ditching them and sitting here with you answers your question and don’t worry I won’t put you in a difficult situation by asking the same question because I know the answer. She smiled and sipped her coffee again to hide her blushing face. 

Standing outside the coffee shop he asked- “would you mind going to the book store with me. I will not take more than 5-7 mins as I know what I need to buy”. She agreed as she has to anyway cross the road because her car was parked to that side of the road and they crossed the road holding hands in hand. They went inside the book store and he went to section of management books n all and she went towards kids section. He picked 3 management books and she picked one Shri Mad Bhagwat Geeta for her mother-in-law and few comic and drawing books for her kids. He paid the price for all and came out. Its time to say goodbye. She unlocked her car and put all her belonging into the back seat, He placed all his stuff on the car, held her hands and said, “I wish you could have spend more time with me because once you are home, its hard to fetch you. She has that sorry look on her face. He said don’t be sad, we will sneak sometime again may be next week. He hugged her tightly and gave a kiss on forehead. She held him like a child who doesn’t want to go. He closed the door of her car and said, “drive safe and I will be driving behind you”. She started the engine and he crossed the road to reach his shining blue car. 
She looked him once again from the side mirror and thought how lucky I am to have this man as a father of my kids.

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8 thoughts on “COFFEE SHOP

  1. Superb! Expected the same.. as it turned. Hope many of the families head find such special time and many times. 😊 Thanks Vatsa!


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