Dont Be Ashamed Of Your Story, It Might Inspire Someone.

Yeah, I am back with one of the incidents happened with me recently and took me into a deep shock for a while and I am sure it does happen with lots of women on a daily note. 
Let me tell you that as a contrary , I am a good driver ( or at least what people think that women cant drive well ) and I love driving as well. Driving is one of the stress buster to me. 
The day (March 31, 2017) started as normal as the other days of my week. I was driving and talking to a friend of mine ( my phone was connected with the aux of my car). It was approx 11 AM, so not much traffic on the roads. I was driving on NH8 and saw a senior citizen ( approximately 70 years or above) showing me middle finger and he does it 3-4 times before overtaking my car. Initially i didn’t pay attention towards the guy and kept on driving as I was already engaged in two things – driving and talking ( well both are my hobbies). So apart from having good driving skills I am blessed with few good friends as well, who loves talking to me. 
I saw the guy and kept on driving and told my friend – ‘this buddha (senior guy) is showing me a middle finger and I don’t know why’. He asked me to put the phone down and concentrate on driving thinking I might have done something due to which the uncle did this. 
The guy in the other car did the same 2-3 times more, passed a cunning and mysterious smile and then overtook my car. I was really frustrated and thought to catch the old guy. I put the fourth and then the fifth gear of my car and started chasing his car. I know its not safe to drive that fast but at that particular moment my blood was boiling and out of rage I drove at a speed more than 110 or 120 kmph. I kept on blowing my car’s horn behind his car and indicated him by hand gestures to stop the car on side. He was aware what he has done and started speeding. Thank God, he was driving a small car and wasn’t able to beat the horse power of my car. I took my car on his side lane and started driving mine towards his car to stop him. By then he also might have understood that escape wasn’t possible from this situation and stopped his car. I stopped mine too. I came out of my car, locked it and put the keys in my pocket. Walked towards his car and knocked on windows and asked him to come out of the car as well. He does the same.
I was able to see the shamelessness on his face. The guy looked educated and I asked him- ‘uncle, what I did to earn that middle finger from you? Was I driving improperly or Did I say something inappropriate’? He shouted on his highest pitch- ‘which middle finger you are talking about? I have never shown you one’? 
I spoke in a pitch which was obviously higher than his pitch and said – ‘Don’t try to be loud because I know I can speak louder than you. So now tell me why u did that- showing me the middle finger’? 
Uncle – Beta (daughter), i haven’t shown you one. Trust me. 
Me- ‘So Uncle, as you are speaking in English, I can understand that you are a well educated guy. I am sure, you have got degrees as well with you. But where are your manners? Where did you sold them? U know, you have just shown me the middle finger multiple times and now calling me beta. Wow!!! (I clapped). Uncle I can see you must be in your seventies and you know what, you are older than my own dad. And right now, I am thinking about the ladies in your house – your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your grand daughters. I am sure you also call them beta but not sure weather you show them this middle finger or not. Uncle, I don’t even feel like spitting upon you because that’s would be an insult to my spit. Just a request, please refine or readdress your mind. Not for me, not for the other girls but for the ladies in your house. The biggest fear for them is you – the guy whom they all are calling either papa, dada or nana (grand father). 
The guy was standing there lowering his head because he was aware what he has done and was able to understand what I was saying. I turned, opened my car, sit and drove without looking back. I was able to see in the rear mirror of my car that the guy was still standing there. 
I don’t know weather he will be changed or not but I know that my words were able to reach his mind. His lowered head sent that message. 
I heard it somewhere:

No women of any age, gender, colour, character, ever deserve to be sexually violated or what some might lightly call ‘Eve Teasing’. 


A women wears strength and darkness equally well, she has always be half goddess and half hell. 


8 thoughts on “Dont Be Ashamed Of Your Story, It Might Inspire Someone.

  1. you have done the right thing. Telling and making someone realise there wrong doings is a 1 st step to correct and make them think and change. I am proud of you my girl.


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