Those 3 Days, 5 Days Or 7 Days Has Nothing To Do With Her Being IMPURE And NON-PIOUS

Menstruation – a taboo word in our society. Everyone knows about it but no one wants to or comfortable to talk about it. Its just like an insurance – we all need it but no one wants to buy it.
In our society and in many other societies, menstruation is considered as being unholy, unclean and embarrassing. Different cultures have different views about it. In the era of 1980’s, most of the females used to think as inappropriate to discuss periods or menstruation with their male friends or father. Most of the people sill think it should be hidden and kept secret.
Different religions have different opinions about menstruation: 
BAHAI FAITH : Bahaullah, the founder abolished all forms of ritual impurities to people and things and stressed upon the cleanliness and spiritual purities. Menstruating women are encouraged to pray and are not required to fast.
CHRISTIANITY: Few people defended the exclusion of women from ministry based on a notion of uncleanness. Others said the law been a part of ild testament and can be discarded. As Christ allowed himself to be touched by a hemorrhaging woman and cured her as well. 
HINDUISM: In hinduism, menstruating women are traditionally considered ritually impure and given strict rules to follow. 
ISLAM: In Islam, a menstruating female is neither required nor prohibited from prayer and performing other religious activities.
JUDAISM: menstruating female is considered ritually unclean – “anyone who touches her will be unclean until evening”. Touching a menstruating female, touching an object she had sat on or lain on, or having intercourse with her also makes a person ritually unclean.
SIKHISM: In Sikhism, woman is given equal status to man and is regarded as pure as man is. one cannot be pure by washing his body but purity of mind is the real pureness. Guru Nanak condemned the practice of treating women as impure while menstruating.
According to human anatomy, menstruation is a natural process and leaving it here only as don’t want to go into technicalities of menstruation ( further information can be read online on google). It’s as natural as puberty, voice changes and any other hormonal changes in men. 
We live in a 21st century and are educated enough to understand wrong and right however the irony is we still treat women as unholy, unclean during her menstruation. In many families, women are not allowed to worship, enter temple, kitchen, cook, eat in normal utensils, bathe, go out, sleep on the same bed with her husband etc.
If a women in no condition or mood to do this then its okay. However, in most of the scenarios, it has been observed that they are forced to do all this. Per me it’s inhuman, insane and embarrassing. No one has the right to treat any women like this. 
There is nothing to be ashamed about being menstruating or on periods. By saying periods are natural, I mean all women menstruate. Do we feel embarrassed when we get a cut on finger and bleed. No, because its a natural process to bleed, if cut. Then how hard it is to understand that menstruating is also a natural process. A women menstruating is unholy and unclean. A women who does not menstruating is what? Again an unholy, unclean and one more thing – cursed. So if we go by this example then we, women will always be unholy and unclean, irrespective we menstruate or not. 
People are doing so much against period shaming, there are multiple posts and videos going viral in order to make us understand that it has nothing to do with being pious or non pious. 
Menstruating is a boon for any women, a God gift of motherhood. It’s a proof that she is capable of carrying this world further in her womb. Let’s not give more chances to people to shame us or embarrass us anymore. Stand and raise your voice whenever it is required to. If we won’t stand today then our daughters would also suffer the same what we are suffering.


6 thoughts on “Those 3 Days, 5 Days Or 7 Days Has Nothing To Do With Her Being IMPURE And NON-PIOUS

  1. Nice note. I would say this duration of time makes every women stronger.
    During their periods they tolerate pain still they perform all the daily routine tasks.
    In no circumstances no one should consider them impure or unclean. Yes they are vulnerable to get infection during that time and needs more care and attention, emotional support and love.


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