Life Has Been Good To ME

LIFE – an opportunity given to all of us to learn and grow and continue learning on every failed attempt. We suffer in flesh however learning is at soul level. Soul would never forget what it has learned but yes its standard can be degraded by falling for not much required things and so much of world surrounding us. Same lesson would come again and again in different styles and shapes until we learn them completely and clear them successfully. Running away is never an option with life. We need to be there in the mid of all chaos and have to fight, breath and survive to go to next level. Its like most of the video games, lets say Mario clearing one level and then moving on to next more difficult level to get to the dragon and save the princess. However in life the one we try to save is our own soul.
Its a journey of ups and downs. The collaboration with people. No matter how much independent we become we still need people directly and indirectly and vice versa they need us. No learning without people and so no growing. The greed of human being can never be satisfied however the need is very easy to satisfy.

Just like seasons, people too come and go from our lives and yes we should be sticky enough to hold them with us while being open enough to let them go when they want to and don’t try to be a blocking stone in their journey.
I am one of those luckiest person who has always been blessed with the gems. They have always been kind, loving, compassionate, accepting and forgiving to me. I am thankful to all – People who came and went, who are still there and people who will be there till end and people who has joined in the mid and may leave before it all ends. They all has taught me lessons and values unending that I will be carrying with my soul. Few has taught me lesson with scars and I am so grateful for these scars as they are the sign that I have been strong enough when I could have broken and shattered into pieces and yes I can make it further again. It proves me my endurance in tough time. I am blessed to have people who made efforts to make me believe in one supreme power and encouraged me to experience myself than believing on what is said and already written by someone else.

We all gets addicted to someone that takes away all the pain and sorrow and I got addicted with you, LIFE. No matter how much you put on me, I am falling more and more and deeper and deeper for you. Life, you are like a roller coaster and I love riding you. I am happily tuning myself with you and ready to play the same strings and tune you are playing. Yes you have been too good to me and trust me I am not gonna ditch you for anyone. I am trusting you even when I can’t understand you. I know you have all the answers with you and I am happy to wait for you to happen. I am shouting out to the world that yes you, you life

– Has Been Good To Me.

Meenakshi Vatsa


I Am Glad You Are Gone, Gone Forever.

Loving you with whole my heart even when you made me question about all the reasons I fall for you, is my talent and heart. You have got nothing to do with it. You never know how tough it is to get your heart broken by someone whom you trusted the most. The only wish for you is that God/karma never let you go through that pain. To be honest, I still love you but I’m glad you are gone and gone forever. 

Meenakshi Vatsa

Don’t fall for them…

People will use you, curse you, call you names but what matters the most is your reaction to them. Just in order to reply them don’t fall at their level. Saying that, does not mean to tolerate whatever they are throwing at you. I just meant, not to lower your standard because they are falling short of decency. It took very long for you to achieve this level. To have this peace of mind, to have this serenity, to be content with whatever you have, to stand firm in every Tornado instead expect them to raise to your level. And let me assure you, they will never be able to do that because the day they will attain your level, you too would have grown ahead. If they are incapable of walking with you: WALK ALONE.

It’s your path, your battle and no one else will walk it or fight it for you, you and only you have to do it for yourself. Don’t ever lower your standards, no matter what because the moment you lower your standard, you will be disappointed by what you get. You worked too hard to have these standards. Know your worth and Love yourself enough to walk away from the people, place, situations which force you to lower them. Never ever settle for less because of a temporary feeling as the feeling is temporary but the settling gonna be permanent. Refuse to settle for less. It’s better to spend whole life alone instead of settling for less because you will never get anything apart from disappointments.

You can’t control someone’s behavior neither you want that burden. but don’t give someone a single chance to disrespect you, lie to you, manipulate you or mistreat you. You have standards : step up or step out but don’t stay in the same mess. I again say If people can’t see the best in you, they deserve no chance to be in your life. Just don’t fall for them. Most of us get confused with being used and being loved. Even if loving someone means you need to lower you standards, refuse to do it.Sometimes, the only issue is their ceiling is your ground. Don’t ever think that you have to put up with someone’s mess because they are the first one to show some interest in a long time. We all are beautiful and handsome in our own individual ways, so never lower your standards to accommodate someone. Sticking with your standards will make boys/girls vanish but men/lady will step in to join you.

You, YES YOU, are enough. and I wish you enough. It’s an Irish Blessing. I wish you enough happiness to keep you sweet, trials to keep you strong, sorrows to keep you human, hopes to happy, failures to humble, success to keep you eager, wealth to meet your needs, enthusiasm to look forward, friends and family to give you comfort, faith to banish depression, determination to keep your day going.