Life Has Been Good To ME

LIFE – an opportunity given to all of us to learn and grow and continue learning on every failed attempt. We suffer in flesh however learning is at soul level. Soul would never forget what it has learned but yes its standard can be degraded by falling for not much required things and so much of world surrounding us. Same lesson would come again and again in different styles and shapes until we learn them completely and clear them successfully. Running away is never an option with life. We need to be there in the mid of all chaos and have to fight, breath and survive to go to next level. Its like most of the video games, lets say Mario clearing one level and then moving on to next more difficult level to get to the dragon and save the princess. However in life the one we try to save is our own soul.
Its a journey of ups and downs. The collaboration with people. No matter how much independent we become we still need people directly and indirectly and vice versa they need us. No learning without people and so no growing. The greed of human being can never be satisfied however the need is very easy to satisfy.

Just like seasons, people too come and go from our lives and yes we should be sticky enough to hold them with us while being open enough to let them go when they want to and don’t try to be a blocking stone in their journey.
I am one of those luckiest person who has always been blessed with the gems. They have always been kind, loving, compassionate, accepting and forgiving to me. I am thankful to all – People who came and went, who are still there and people who will be there till end and people who has joined in the mid and may leave before it all ends. They all has taught me lessons and values unending that I will be carrying with my soul. Few has taught me lesson with scars and I am so grateful for these scars as they are the sign that I have been strong enough when I could have broken and shattered into pieces and yes I can make it further again. It proves me my endurance in tough time. I am blessed to have people who made efforts to make me believe in one supreme power and encouraged me to experience myself than believing on what is said and already written by someone else.

We all gets addicted to someone that takes away all the pain and sorrow and I got addicted with you, LIFE. No matter how much you put on me, I am falling more and more and deeper and deeper for you. Life, you are like a roller coaster and I love riding you. I am happily tuning myself with you and ready to play the same strings and tune you are playing. Yes you have been too good to me and trust me I am not gonna ditch you for anyone. I am trusting you even when I can’t understand you. I know you have all the answers with you and I am happy to wait for you to happen. I am shouting out to the world that yes you, you life

– Has Been Good To Me.

Meenakshi Vatsa



At one stage of our lives, we all must have thought, what is life?

Life is an opportunity given to all of us to reshape ourselve, where in rest of the souls helps us by creating favourable and unfavourable circumstances and situations. It’s a battle, where we may or may not have control over the action but the REACTION belongs to us. Our reaction should construct us for big battles of furure or next lifes. Its a continuous process of births and deaths towards perfection. 

Meenakshi Vatsa

Kheerganga Trek – A Trip To Heaven


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So here I am, again with a new write-up of mine. “A TRIP TO HEAVEN”. Sharing the experiences of mine and my friends on a trekking trip in rainy season and being amateur and low in budget which actually changed our behavior and mindset.

After so much of discussions, we all four agreed upon the Kheerganga trek in Himachal Pradesh. We took bus from Delhi in the evening and reached Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh, in morning. We had our breakfast at a “dhaba” over there and after talking to some locals we took a bus to Barsaini via Tosh and Manikaran Sahib. We explored a little bit of Manikaran sahib on our way as we didn’t get much of time because the bus didn’t stop there for long but we all were mesmerized by the beauty of the nature, and decided to be there on our way back to Delhi.

On our way to Barsaini, we witnessed two landslides blocking the way and also learned how locals clear the roads without waiting for any help from the regulatory authorities. Yes, we were excited about witnessing landslide for the very first time and were scared as well because it was dangerous and can take our lives too.

It was already afternoon when we reached Barsaini. After Barsaini there was no motorable road. One has to trek for 15 kilometers to reach Kheerganga. It was drizzling continuously since last night. Our bus driver and conductor advised and tried their best to stop us from trekking as it wasn’t safe in that season. But we all were too excited that we said we will manage, to which they wished us luck and we went ahead.

It was our major mistake taking that drizzle very light and thinking it would stop after sometime. Plus we all were trekking for the first time in our lives and because of no experience our bags were heavy which becomes heavier after getting drenched in the rain. That too was still not able to kill our excitement and enthusiasm as we were so mesmerized by the greenery, nature, free flowing Parvati river on full swing and clouds touching our shoulders.

Initially we took a wrong way and reached at a dead end. It took more than 1.5 hours of us to be at the right path. There were multiple water streams on our way which has turned into waterfall because of continuous rainfall. On most of the streams there were either bridges or big stones to cross them. Plus the locals and fellow travelers were very helpful while guiding and letting the other person to offer help. The rain was not ready to stop at any cost and so we were.

We found Dogs accompanying us while we were on our way. We named our guide dog as Gattu because of his cuteness. Once Gattu felt that we were on right track and are safe for the further journey, he went back to help other travelers. There were multiple shacks on the way and hot ginger tea was a savior for all of us at that time. Two of us had umbrella and a raincoat but rest two were not equipped with any sort of this thing and it’s the time we were completely drenched and were shivering because of cold. We changed our clothes as none of us wanted to fall ill and spoil the fun.

After 3-4 hours of journey there came a point which actually killed our enthusiasm. A major landslide which had flushed away the walking passage completely. The small stream of water was now a big waterfall which can flush away the person into the furious “Parvati River” easily if standing alone. We all were actually so scared that we were standing still and planning two things – ‘shall we cross or go back’. We didn’t want to go back so we waited there for some more people to see if something can be done. Out of fear we didn’t think to click even a single picture as our mind was not on enjoying this, we just wanted to get rid of this as soon as possible. There came few people and we all helped each other crossing that waterfall fall holding hands of each other and while chanting the name of God we worship.

After that the whole route was quite clear apart from being slippery because of continuous rain and drizzling. Any we reached our destination at 7 or 7:30 pm in the evening. We were too tired but the view made us forget every pinch of tiredness. It was a real heaven and I was able to feel the Nature. Well I am a mountain person and my soul thirsts for hills but it was something more beautiful which I can say I have never experienced before.

We hired the very first tent accommodation we found. We were completely drenched and tired and after changing we fixed our position in front of bonfire and started chit chatting. The others also joined us. We call it an off for the tiring and adventurous day after dinner as we all were broken because of tiredness.

Next morning, we took bath in the natural hot water spring which was just 5mins walking from our rented accommodation. We took bath and visited the Lord Shiva temple next to hot water spring. The water was pretty hot and one doesn’t want to come out once in, plus the water is naturally Sulphur treated water so it does have some medicinal properties too.

We spent our complete day in the lap of Mother Nature and yes I can spend my whole life there. The people, the view, everything was beautiful there.

We came to know about two more major landslides and saw people coming back to valley as they were not able to cross the passage. We decided to leave early morning next day to have ample time in order to overcome any difficulty. We also hired a local guide to help us. We were able to see so much destruction while coming down and even I was saved just by two steps from a falling log because of landslides. The passage which was flushed because of landslide has no sign that it ever existed. And we were able to hear people shouting because they were scared and praying. I too had a thought – will I be able to reach home and then I remember what Daddy (Jesus- I call him Daddy) says, I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. (Psalm 45:2). Every stone was sliding upon being touched by anything, leave about standing on those. Our entire feet were submerged into that muddy and stony sliding things and we were too scared to fall down or getting flushed from there. Somehow we crossed it and after that whatever obstacle came in the route was like a piece of cake for us as we have already seen the worst. Our guide helped us so much in the route and kept on telling us new – new stories as well to keep us engaged.

It was afternoon when we reached Barsaini. We took the bus towards Manikaran Sahib, took bath in the natural hot water at Rama temple and had “Langar” (free food offered to everyone by Gurudwara) at the Manikaran Sahib. This was the first time I have had Langar in my whole life and now I know why people are crazy about Langar. We clicked some pictures and took a bus back to Bhuntar so that we will be able to take a Volvo back to Delhi the same day.

It’s a MUST GO and MUST DO trekking but at the right time. Don’t make the incorrect move like us- trekking in rainy season (a big NO).

This trip was a trip I will never be able to forget. Even while writing about it today I can feel as if it just happened yesterday. Everything is so crystal clear in my mind.