Be Brave, Take Risks: Go To Mountains.

 I am a mountain girl and I will always choose mountains over anything else including beaches, fine dine, shopping, international trip or any activity or adventure one can name or think of. For me, that walk in nature is far above anything else in this world. My soul knows the kind of excitement and adrenaline rush when I move out of my house to meet the love of my life – HILLS. 

The way life asks us to bend and live, the say way mountains asks us to bend and climb. For me, climbing a mountain is not conquering it. It’s about meeting it, exploring it, knowing it, hugging it and inhaling and breathing it. We cannot conquer mountains. Mountains know how to break the over-confidence. In order to climb them, we need to love, adore and respect them. We are required to humble ourselves and should have compassion else mountains will also show us their arrogance and won’t accept us with wide arms open. It’s not the mountain we conquer. We conquer ourselves, our fears and limitations. I can assure you that once you would be back from mountains you would not be the same person who went to mountains. 

Mountains teach us a lot. Climbing a mountain is not about inclining it only its about getting down as well. Mountains are always farther than they look, bigger than we see and tougher than we think. Don’t be over confident just take one step at a time. No one has ever climbed a mountain without the first step and neither you will be able to do it. There would be numerous times that you would think of going down but before doing that think about all the steps you have already taken. Sit down, drink a sip of water, breathe in and out slowly and then take the next step. Every top is in reach if you won’t give up and keep taking that li’l one step. 

The view from the mountain top would let you forget every hardship and obstacle you have faced. Sleeping on the hill top, beneath the sheet of stars is a one-time thing in life. If you are lucky to have experienced it and this story would be written on your heart and soul and would remain for the lifetime. There would be no regrets; only lessons. 

There are Devine moments in life which can only be seen and felt by us and any pen or camera would not be able to describe or capture the same. One has to come out of their comfort zone and start from the first step at the feet of the mountains. Let’s get lost in the beautiful, divine and scenic place and capture everything with our eyes.