You won’t UNDERSTAND!!!

So, it happened today, one of my friend shared an Ola cab to commute from one place to another and was completely white frightened face when we saw him. Upon enquiring, he revealed that he was in a cab with a macho looking heavy build homosexual, who tried to press his hand while sitting in the back side of the car. He was signalling to my friend, And this is what frightened him. While he was explaining his part how he felt, one of the girls said don’t worry everything is fine now and we do understand what you might have gone through. Have some water and relax.

This guy stood up and shouted- you won’t ever understand how it feels.

The epic reply from my girl-

Oh really! You think we won’t understand how it feels when every second guy walking on the street looks at us, as if we are a piece of flesh and he is a dog.

We won’t understand, when we are not even safe in public places, leave about the secluded places.

We won’t understand, when we are not safe in our own homes between our own families.

We won’t understand, when we have to check at least twice or thrice to make sure that we locked the house properly and all other windows and gates are properly shut.

We won’t understand, when our own family or relatives tells our parents about our clothes that they are not appropriate and we should change them according to their comfort level.

We won’t understand, when we don’t walk on big streets at night.

We won’t understand, when men passes lewd comments and yell dirty things to us.

We won’t understand when they take every single opportunity to grab us, as if we belongs to them and are not a human being.

We won’t understand, when we have been advised to keep pepper spray, knives in our bags at an easily accessible pocket.

We won’t understand, when while buying keychains we go for the one that doubles as a knife.

We won’t understand, when our mothers taught us how to use keys as a safety tool.

We won’t understand, when we live every second on a rape schedule. You know what initially, I wasn’t agreed with this rape schedule thing but when explained I completely agreed to this- because of the constant fear of rape or being sexually assault, women does things throughout the day to protect themselves. Whether it’s carrying keys or small knives in hand while walking on the roads, locking car from inside the moment we jump into it, not walking down certain streets at all.

You know what! taking precautions is not a bad idea but the fact is certain things are so ingrained in us that it’s actually disturbing. It’s like living in a prison all the time. We can’t assume we are safe anywhere, be it our office, home, roads, school, colleges, anywhere in this world and we are so used to feeling this unsafe and the worst part is we don’t see it as a problem. And no one wants to work upon it.

Now coming back to your point that we won’t understand how it feels. I request you to put some light on this so that me and my other female friends can at least try to understand.

Meenakshi Vatsa



At one stage of our lives, we all must have thought, what is life?

Life is an opportunity given to all of us to reshape ourselve, where in rest of the souls helps us by creating favourable and unfavourable circumstances and situations. It’s a battle, where we may or may not have control over the action but the REACTION belongs to us. Our reaction should construct us for big battles of furure or next lifes. Its a continuous process of births and deaths towards perfection. 

Meenakshi Vatsa

Breaking Force

Unnecessary force breaks and once something or someone is broken can never ever come in the same shape, may become more or less beautiful and worthy but never same. 

Meenakshi Vatsa

I Am Glad You Are Gone, Gone Forever.

Loving you with whole my heart even when you made me question about all the reasons I fall for you, is my talent and heart. You have got nothing to do with it. You never know how tough it is to get your heart broken by someone whom you trusted the most. The only wish for you is that God/karma never let you go through that pain. To be honest, I still love you but I’m glad you are gone and gone forever. 

Meenakshi Vatsa

Don’t fall for them…

People will use you, curse you, call you names but what matters the most is your reaction to them. Just in order to reply them don’t fall at their level. Saying that, does not mean to tolerate whatever they are throwing at you. I just meant, not to lower your standard because they are falling short of decency. It took very long for you to achieve this level. To have this peace of mind, to have this serenity, to be content with whatever you have, to stand firm in every Tornado instead expect them to raise to your level. And let me assure you, they will never be able to do that because the day they will attain your level, you too would have grown ahead. If they are incapable of walking with you: WALK ALONE.

It’s your path, your battle and no one else will walk it or fight it for you, you and only you have to do it for yourself. Don’t ever lower your standards, no matter what because the moment you lower your standard, you will be disappointed by what you get. You worked too hard to have these standards. Know your worth and Love yourself enough to walk away from the people, place, situations which force you to lower them. Never ever settle for less because of a temporary feeling as the feeling is temporary but the settling gonna be permanent. Refuse to settle for less. It’s better to spend whole life alone instead of settling for less because you will never get anything apart from disappointments.

You can’t control someone’s behavior neither you want that burden. but don’t give someone a single chance to disrespect you, lie to you, manipulate you or mistreat you. You have standards : step up or step out but don’t stay in the same mess. I again say If people can’t see the best in you, they deserve no chance to be in your life. Just don’t fall for them. Most of us get confused with being used and being loved. Even if loving someone means you need to lower you standards, refuse to do it.Sometimes, the only issue is their ceiling is your ground. Don’t ever think that you have to put up with someone’s mess because they are the first one to show some interest in a long time. We all are beautiful and handsome in our own individual ways, so never lower your standards to accommodate someone. Sticking with your standards will make boys/girls vanish but men/lady will step in to join you.

You, YES YOU, are enough. and I wish you enough. It’s an Irish Blessing. I wish you enough happiness to keep you sweet, trials to keep you strong, sorrows to keep you human, hopes to happy, failures to humble, success to keep you eager, wealth to meet your needs, enthusiasm to look forward, friends and family to give you comfort, faith to banish depression, determination to keep your day going.